About Us

Ekoterra specializes in identifying and solving nuisance wildlife burrowing pest problems such as gophers, moles, voles and ground squirrels throughout Southern California. We only use humane and environmentally sound methods. When others fail, we guarantee results.

Ekoterra uses environmentally sensitive methods to deal with pest issues humanely, without the use of poisons that can impact other animals in the food chain. They offer removal and extermination, if necessary, using methods that will not affect other animals, pose dangers to your family and pets, and humanely deal with the pest problem. Safe for pets and young kids playing in the yard and won’t hurt other animals. If you can’t live with the critters Ekoterra is the next best option.

– Mark Abramson

Special Services Offered

“Gopher Control Specialists, Ground Squirrel Control Specialists, Mole Control Specialist, Pest Proofing, Preventative Services, Rodent Extermination, Wildlife Control Services, Eco/Pet-friendly Treatments, Recurring Maintenance, Pest Proofing”